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What general dentistry treatments do we have on offer?

At Sheen Dental we place importance on dental issues including endodontic treatments. Root canal therapy has become a popular cure for treating an infected pulp within the tooth. The pulp can become infected due to various reasons. The main reasons are due to tooth decay or injury to the mouth area. It is highly important to get this treated to prevent the infection spreading to neighbouring teeth. If you are looking to seek root canal therapy, please feel free to contact our team with hygienist Richmond.

Why is root canal therapy a suitable treatment?

When the pulp in the mouth has developed an infection; this has a likely chance to spread to the root canal of the tooth. If this occurs it can cause abscess within the mouth. If the pulp has not been treated and does not get further analysis this can lead to removal of teeth. Therefore, it is important to seek dental help and find the best solution to eliminate this with a hygienist in Richmond.

How does the root canal therapy treatment work?

Initially, before the process can begin a local anaesthetic is used to minimise any chance of pain and physical discomfort. This is to ensure our patient is comfortable throughout the treatment. After this step, our hygienist in Richmond or dentist will drill into the tooth to be able to have accessibility to the root canal system. Once they have access to the system, it will be rigorously cleaned. This will be done to ensure that the pulp is taken out and no trace of the infection is left. Proceeding from this, the root canal system will then be filled to prevent future infection. It will also be sealed with a crown for a temporary period of time. Lastly, the tooth will be relooked at in future consultations. Once the infection has been eliminated to its full extent, the tooth will be filled permanently.

What are some benefits that come with receiving root canal therapy?

There are many life benefits when receiving root canal therapy. One of the main advantages is that the treatment relieves discomfort from the target area. However, there are also many more benefits that follow.

Pain free treatment

One of the biggest benefits that come with undergoing root canal therapy is the painless procedure. Once a patient undergoes root canal therapy it often leaves them with less pain during recovery than a tooth being removed. With the use of a local anaesthetic it decreases the chance of pain.

Improved oral health and hygiene

When experiencing an infection within the mouth it can have a huge effect on an individual's oral health. When an individual has poor oral health there is a high and likely chance that they can develop severe health complications. These health issues can include diabetes, respiratory infections, dementia, and many more.

Tooth infections can cause serious damage to a patient's well-being. By receiving root canal therapy to help treat tooth decay, this will improve the oral health and hygiene of an individual. Therefore, an individual will have overall improved health.


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