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What does a trip to the hygienist in Richmond feel like?

People are often concerned about the sensations they will feel when they visit a dental practice. At Sheen Dental, we are committed to creating comfortable and relaxing treatments for all our patients. Sometimes the key to a calm attitude to dental work is knowing what you will feel beforehand. Whilst it’s impossible to predict how every person will feel, we can tell you about some of the common sensations that come up during a visit to the hygienist in Richmond.


You will be greeted by the hygienist in Richmond and they will explain what is going to happen. You can ask questions at this point. It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive but if you do, you can always tell your hygienist. Take time to make yourself comfortable in the chair before any cleaning and polishing begin.

Open wide

It can feel a little unusual when someone is searching around inside your mouth. Partly it’s because the mouth is a sensitive area and partly it’s because you can’t see what is happening. You shouldn’t feel any strong discomfort. If you do, indicate this to your hygienist by making a sound or raising your hand. If you are worried about sensations, you can agree on a signal for when you need a break.

Closer inspection

Close examination of your teeth and gums involves some contact. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable unless you have a pre-existing condition, like gum disease. If you do, it can feel a bit sore. In order to prevent things from getting worse, the hygienist does need to remove any material that has built up on the teeth. This may lead to bleeding for some patients, but this is quite normal if gum disease is present. Over time and with regular cleaning, bleeding and soreness will become less common.


After a visit to the hygienist in Richmond, your teeth should feel smooth and clean. Sometimes, if you had a lot of hard material on the backs of your teeth, your tongue can keep registering this as something missing. You may get the urge to keep prodding the clear area. This will fade as you get used to the new texture and you will no longer notice it.


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