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What does a hygienist Richmond do?

When you come in for a professional clean by a hygienist Richmond, you can expect more than just the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth, revealing a whiter and brighter smile.

We endeavour to ensure that education is paramount in our services, so that you can understand why having a clean mouth is important, you are given the tools and resources to keep your own smile as fresh and healthy as possible and you are provided with the knowledge to prevent any further complications from arising in the future.

The combination of these skills, coupled with our experience and resources, offers you a healthy and clean smile that is free from harmful plaque and bacteria that can cause disease and even tooth loss.

A hygienist Richmond provides a very thorough service that begins with an assessment of your teeth and gums, so that we can understand the initial condition of your smile. We need to determine the amount of plaque removal that will need to be undertaken, as well as determine your risk for certain health conditions such as gingivitis or periodontal diseases.

We then move forward to the cleaning part of your treatment which involves a host of different pastes and devices that are used to remove stubborn and caked on plaque and tartar, as well as reaching in between teeth and other difficult to reach places that you might not be able to access with brushing alone.

If you have any concerns regarding this aspect of your treatment and perhaps suffer with an element of dental fear, then rest assured that we do have solutions available, so that you can enjoy your treatment without letting fear get the better of you.

There are sedation options on hand for those people who do not feel they can go through necessary treatments without it. You are still conscious during this kind of sedation, only your mind is encouraged to go elsewhere and you feel lighter and happier. We only ask that you talk to us about these options, so that we can provide you with all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision regarding them. They are safe and frequently used, so do not hesitate to request this option if you feel it would be beneficial for you.

How long do treatments take?

Like most consultations, they are aimed to be completed within an hour and if more is needed to be done, then further appointments can be booked. This gives a hygienist Richmond time to consider your unique case and apply the necessary techniques to improve your wellbeing. It also offers you time to discuss any concerns or thoughts that you may have, so that you can understand how to best care for your smile in between appointments.

We look forward to helping you to enjoy your smile more by enabling you to get on top of any hygiene concerns that you may have. The flow-on effects are wide reaching and can have lasting positive impacts on your oral health and general wellbeing.


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