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See-through braces

You’ve got something stuck between your teeth! Don’t you feel embarrassed when you are chatting away over a lovely meal, perhaps some kind of pasta with spinach, only for someone to gaze at your mouth and tell you you’ve got green stuff stuck between your teeth?

Invisalign in SW14

Off you rush to the nearest mirror, usually in the restaurant toilet, and you daren’t come out until you are absolutely sure the offending greenery has gone. Now imagine you have got little squares with wires going through them all over your teeth and are trying to eat spinach pasta. Imagine, those squares and wires are there for months and months on end. Now, can you see why many adults would rather stick with their wonky teeth than go through the mortifying spinach/teeth routine over and over again. Of course, these are the adults who have no idea that they can avoid all of that and still get straight teeth with Invisalign in SW14 from us at Sheen Dental.

Want is Invisalign in SW14?

Invisalign uses little trays that fit over your teeth like mouth guards instead of brackets and wires stuck to the front of them. Each tray has pressure points that press the teeth into alignment. Bracket and wire braces keep up their pressure by having the wires tightened. Invisalign does so by giving you a series of aligners, and you wear one after the other, replacing them every time the pressure wears off, which takes 7-10 days usually.


SW14 Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic, and you take them out to eat and drink anything that is not plain water. This means you can eat as much spinach as you like without worrying about it getting stuck under your aligners. All you have to do is remember to brush your teeth after you eat, and to clean your aligners, and put them back in as soon as possible. You need to wear them for at least 20 hours a day in order to keep up the pressure required to move your teeth.


The aligners are made of ultra-thin clear plastic so it’s unlikely anyone will spot you are wearing them as you go about your daily business.


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