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Is Invisalign comfortable?

Invisalign in SW14 at Sheen Dental is a convenient and comfortable way to straighten your teeth. Our professional and dedicated dentists will provide you the practicality to correctly align your teeth while having that confidence to smile at the same time.

Most of our patients may experience some degree of discomfort when they first begin to wear their Invisalign aligner trays. That experience is quite natural. After all, your teeth, which are used to being completely free of restraints, are going to be encased in a clear tray designed to hold them tightly. They might feel uncomfortable until you become used to them, which won’t take long at all.

Invisalign in SW14

Advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces

One huge advantage is that you can easily remove Invisalign. The fast-growing treatment uses smooth, comfortable plastic as opposed to the metal wires and brackets of braces. Another advantage of this procedure versus the traditional braces is that you take them out while eating and they are easier to clean. In addition, the average time treatment is only six to 15 months compared to 20-30 months with traditional metal braces.

How to maintain your Invisalign in SW14

We recommend our patients adjust their trays regularly. Patients also need to make sure that they keep up to date with their regular appointments with us and ensure they contact one of our many experienced dentists here at Sheen Dental if they experience any pain or concerns during their treatment.

How often are Invisalign appointments?

Usually, appointments at our dental practice are required every four to six weeks, to make sure your Invisalign in SW14 is progressing as planned, as well as to discuss any queries you may have.

How much does it cost?

The cost for Invisalign in SW14 varies depending on the needs of our patients. Typically, Invisalign in SW14 costs approximately the same or less than traditional braces. At Sheen Dental, we are also happy to offer affordable treatment plans to best satisfy our patients’ needs, including a 0% finance option. We will always work with our patients to create an affordable and feasible way to get the dental treatments required.


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