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Discreetly improve the position of your teeth

Straighter teeth look more appealing and are easier to keep clean. Adults with crooked or crowded teeth may be put off from realignment treatment by the thought of having to wear an eye-catching appliance. At Sheen Dental in Richmond, Invisalign offers patients a tooth realignment method that will not disrupt their appearance. Wearing a series of aligners made of transparent plastic will gradually move the teeth into new positions without attracting attention to the patient’s mouth.

Invisalign in Richmond

How will Invisalign in Richmond work for you?

You’ll start your treatment with an in-depth conversation at our friendly dental practice. If Invisalign is the appropriate method of achieving the results you need, we’ll take some detailed images of your teeth, and create a meticulous treatment plan.

The dental laboratory will then produce a series of clear plastic aligners, precisely shaped to fit your teeth. You’ll wear each one of these aligners for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. Each aligner’s shape is slightly different, so your teeth will be gently pressured into new positions.

The usual duration of this contemporary realignment treatment is around 12-18 months. Before it begins, your dentist will let you know exactly how long it will take for you. At the end, when the final set of aligners has come off, you’ll need to wear a retainer at night, to firmly fix the teeth in their new orientations.

Transparent benefits

For our adult patients in Richmond, Invisalign is popular because its transparent plastic is hardly noticeable compared to traditional wire-and-bracket braces. The personalised snug fit of the aligners makes them comfortable, and they can be removed when it’s time to brush the teeth or eat.

After your treatment, your teeth will have an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Your risk of gum disease and tooth decay will be reduced, because it’ll be easier to keep your mouth clean. There’ll be fewer awkward spaces between teeth, in which food particles and bacteria can gather. Also, you’ll have a more effective bite when eating, freeing your jaw from unnecessary strain. Choosing Invisalign in Richmond means giving yourself the long-term benefits of improved dental function.


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