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Discreet teeth straightening, the key for a good business look

If you work in an area that involves being highly visible, it will be important to you that you look your best. Perhaps you give business training or presentations or you deal with the public in a high-class retail business such as a shop or a beauty salon.

If so, one area that will help you look your very best is your smile. Your smile is your most important communication tool and if the success of the business you are in depends on successful face-to-face communication, you can bet your bottom dollar that your clients will notice the state of your teeth.

Invisalign in SW14

If your teeth are crowded, crooked or gappy, you won’t be able to hide them from your clients and it could affect your dealings with them. Such jobs also make it hard to undergo straightening treatments with traditional fixed bracket and wire braces systems, which is why Invisalign in SW14 at Sheen Dental is proving such a hit.

The benefits of Invisalign

There are many high-class public-facing businesses in SW14. Invisalign can help you if you work in one of them, because this system straightens your teeth while being almost invisible and so not detracting from the important business messages you are conveying as you speak to people.

Invisalign uses transparent plastic trays. These look rather like mouth guards and fit snugly over the teeth but do not quite fit. This is how they move your teeth, the pressure from the plastic gradually nudging them along the route from your current smile to your desired smile. The route is pre-planned by computer, so you can see a simulation of how your teeth will move and what they will look like when they reach their destination.

You need to wear each tray for about 2 weeks. Depending on your individual case, you will need to wear between 12 and 48 trays.

In SW14, Invisalign clear aligners have other advantages. You can take them out of your mouth to eat and to clean them, instead of having to poke about inside your cheeks with a brush to remove food from between brackets. Also, you can take them out for a special event like a wedding or a hot date, a job interview, or a highly important business meeting.


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