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Could a hygienist in Richmond have a visible effect on your smile?

Let us be clear

Here at Sheen Dental, our number one priority is ensuring and maintaining the dental well-being of each patient. When required of us, we solve structural problems, and when a patient feels they would benefit from it, we use cosmetic dentistry - but our primary aim is to keep our patients’ teeth healthy. Thereby keeping them happy. One of the most vital aspects of this goal is carried out by our dental hygienist in Richmond. Our expert hygienists - unlike cosmetic dentistry specialists who work primarily to boost how a patient's teeth look - aim to brighten and clean a patient's teeth as a means of preserving their oral health, and do all they can to keep away any signs of infection.

The battle against bacteria

As mentioned, one of the most crucial aspects of the role of our hygienist in Richmond is to stop harmful bacteria before they have a chance to grow or develop within the patients’ mouths. Through a thorough examination of the patient's gums, their level of health can be determined, and any early signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease (commonly known as gum disease) can be identified. This is the most common cause of adult tooth loss, and - if left untreated - can also lead to other parts of the body being affected. These infections generally begin as bits of food which are lodged either between teeth or under a patient's gums. Over time, the food becomes plaque, which then begins to break down the surface of the tooth which causes decay. This decay, along with other bacteria can progress to gingivitis if not identified and treated by our hygienist in Richmond.

Identifying gum disease

One of the most common indicators that your gums are not as healthy as they ought to be, and that a visit to our hygienist here at Sheen Dental may be called for, is if you frequently spit blood when brushing or flossing. This is usually an indicator of gingivitis, which is the first step of gum disease and can be identified by red, inflamed or swollen teeth. If gingivitis isn’t treated professionally and swiftly by a dental hygienist, then it can further develop into periodontal disease. This is when the tissue and bone which support the patient's teeth also become infected, and generally requires far more extensive treatment.

Treatment through our hygienist

By seeking out treatment through our expert dental hygienist here at Sheen Dental, you can be assured that any indicators of either gingivitis or periodontal disease will be swiftly identified - through an examination of your dental health - and the correct form of treatment taken. This often involves having the patient's teeth professionally cleaned in what is known as a ‘scale and polish’ service. This is a two stage process which is designed to clear away any build-ups of plaque or tartar throughout the patient's mouth - even in the more difficult to reach areas - through specialised equipment. The second stage of the process involves polishing the patient's teeth until they are bright and healthy and all stains and potential build-ups of bacteria, plaque or tartar have been removed. The effects of this treatment not only make the patient's teeth visibly brighter, but also greatly improves their oral health and reduces the likelihood of gum disease forming.


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