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Braces that clearly suit you

At Sheen Dental, we’re committed to finding the best possible solution to your dental problems. If there are choices to make, then we will discuss them with you so that you can figure out which option would best suit your lifestyle.

If your crooked or misaligned teeth are keeping you from smiling, then you might be considering braces. But at the same time, you may be put off by the idea of showing off your grin while undergoing treatment. Adults in particular may have a problem with the train track look, especially if it means feeling uncomfortable at work when talking to colleagues or customers. Everyone would rather see you smile confidently – us included!

Invisalign in SW14

Now you see me, now you don’t

Our highly skilled dentists are here to offer you choices arising from advances in modern dentistry. So we’d like to tell you about a teeth straightening advancement that resolves the issue of feeling self-conscious with traditional braces. It’s a clear alternative to metal train tracks known as Invisalign. In SW14, Invisalign can discreetly and effectively straighten your teeth.

This treatment involves the use of a series of clear aligners that you wear over your teeth. A mould will first be taken of your teeth to ensure that the dental technicians can craft a series of aligners that will snugly fit over your teeth. Once you’ve got your aligners, you’ll wear each one for about 2 weeks before switching to the next in the series. During your treatment you will visit us every 6–8 weeks so we can check all is well with your treatment with Invisalign in SW14. You will need to wear your aligners for 20–22 hours a day, except when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. Depending on your teeth, Invisalign works in 6–24 months.

Smile as you go

Teeth straightening is not only about aesthetics but also your dental health. Once your teeth are straightened, there will be less room for plaque to build up over time. This in turn reduces the chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

So, ask yourself, do you require a clear alternative to braces? If the answer is yes, Invisalign in SW14 could be the solution for you.


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