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A clearer way to straight teeth

Having straight teeth is something most of us aspire to. Straight teeth are seen as an indicator of health and good grooming and feature near the top of many people’s deal breakers in the dating world. However, if your teeth are not severely misaligned, this is not a treatment you can get on the NHS as a teenager. Either your parents will have paid for treatment, or you will be looking at paying for treatment yourself as an adult.

Invisalign in SW14

And, if you are an adult, you won’t want a treatment that is iconic of a rite of passage for awkward adolescents. You’ll be looking for something far more subtle and sophisticated than a train track mouth full of metal.

That’s why in SW14, Invisalign is one of the most popular straightening treatments we offer at Sheen Dental. Its trademark transparent plastic aligners could not be further in looks from bracket and wire braces. When they are snapped into place over the teeth, an untrained observer won’t even be able to spot them.

This treatment is not just sought after in SW14, Invisalign has been the treatment of choice for over 4 million people with wonky teeth worldwide. That’s pretty impressive for a product that only came into being with the advent of 3D printing.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign aligners are 3D printed from digitally scanned measurements that have been put through a computer programme that plots how your teeth need to move to reach alignment. Depending on your case, you will receive 12–48 aligners, each one representing one tiny step along the route your teeth will travel to line up perfectly. You need to wear each one for about two weeks, during which time the place where it deliberately doesn’t quite fit will press your teeth to move.

In SW14, Invisalign is also very popular because the aligners are removable for eating and cleaning. This means you don’t need to compromise what you eat, nor do you need to spend ages cleaning around your device.

If you like the sound of all this, why not come in for a free consultation?


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