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21st century teeth straightening

In the last couple of decades or so, the advances in dental materials and techniques have been really quite amazing, with the result that dentists have so many more options to offer than back in the 1990s.

Back then, some of these options were around, but they were so new and expensive that it was really only royals, film stars and models who could pay for the treatments required for a bright, sparkling, white smile. Cosmetic dentistry cost a fortune and was only available in large cities.

Teeth Straightening in Richmond

This isn’t the case anymore and at Sheen Dental, we use modern equipment and techniques to straighten teeth, which is why we offer Invisalign in Richmond.

What is Invisalign all about?

In Richmond, Invisalign can correct crooked, overcrowded or gappy teeth. These seemingly small problems can make people so self-conscious that they hide their smiles behind their hands, never smile at all, or turn away from having their photo taken.

It’s not a happy, spontaneous way to be, but many prefer this to the idea of living through months of conspicuous metal train track braces on their teeth, and having to fend off endless personal questions and stares from strangers. This is why we are delighted to offer Invisalign in Richmond.

Unlike traditional bracket and wire braces systems, Invisalign uses a series of incrementally different, very thin, clear plastic trays. These invisible aligners fit snugly over the teeth, but the deliberate slight imperfections in their fit gradually guide the teeth into new positions. You wear each tray until the teeth have moved. It takes about 2 weeks for the feeling of pressure to wear off, and then you move onto the next Invisalign tray, which will gently move the teeth on again.

The big difference with Invisalign, and what makes it so popular, is that the aligners can be removed. This means that you can take them out to clean them instead of having to poke about inside your mouth with brushes. You can also eat, drink, and, if necessary, attend important business or social occasions without wearing your aligners.

Why not come in for a consultation to find out if Invisalign in Richmond will work for you? We can talk you through how Invisalign works in more detail.


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