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Your Tooth Loss Could Be Causing Depression and Anxiety

If you’re looking to have a dental implant in Richmond then it could be that you’re one of hundreds of people in London who have spend years or even decades worrying on a daily basis about their teeth or dentures. Not only do they limit themselves to a tight lipped smile, or worse still put their hands over their mouth to prevent others from seeing their teeth, but they also worry about losing even more of their teeth.

Dental Implants Richmond

Here at Sheen Dental we have treated patients who have suffered from a tooth crumbling just before they were due to attend an important family event such as a graduation or wedding and then found themselves unable to smile properly for the cameras as a result. Consequently they have worried themselves that something similar could happen again and this has prompted them to finally get their teeth fixed.

In fact a recent study carried out by the American Association For Dental Research reached the conclusion that there was a definite connection between tooth loss and depression or anxiety. The results showed a significant difference regarding tooth loss between those people who had suffered some form of anxiety or depression and those who hadn’t had to deal with the consequences of missing teeth.

Research into dreams also shows that many of us dream about all of our teeth falling out which show that we have inner anxieties about our appearance. In essence, teeth are not just important to us for our physical health but also for our emotional well-being.

Dental implants in Richmond or elsewhere in the country are the most modern and natural looking option for replacing missing teeth. They are surgically placed into the gum and over the following weeks the posts, which are made from titanium, fuse with the surrounding bone to become permanent fixtures in the mouth which act as artificial tooth roots and stable supports for the prosthetic crowns. Because it replaces all of the natural tooth structure, the implants look, feel and act similarly to your natural teeth. This means that you can smile with confidence and eat practically anything you like. Cared for in the same way as you would your natural teeth with daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental examinations, the implants could last for the rest of your life, and we know of implants that have still been going strong after 40 years of use.

If you’re worried constantly about the healthy of your teeth and this is having an effect on your health, then we can help. Give us a call to book a free consultation where we can discuss all of your dental options or alternatively visit our website at to find out more about our treatments. We look forward to welcoming you to Sheen Dental.


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