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Your Invisalign checklist

Fitting a long-term dental treatment into a busy life is just a matter of a little organisation and some help from your dentist at Sheen Dental. When it comes to teeth straightening with Invisalign in Richmond, we guide you through the process smoothly. It’s already a relatively simple process compared to that which accompanies traditional braces. You don’t need any fitting appointment and your check-ups are relatively short.

Invisalign in Richmond

There are a number of steps that are common to all treatments using Invisalign in Richmond. Your practitioner can advise you about any variations based on your specific circumstances before you begin your treatment. The steps are:

  • Consultation – after your consultation for Invisalign in Richmond at Sheen Dental, your dentist will have all the information they need to send off to Invisalign so that they can craft your customised series of aligners. After this appointment you will know roughly how long your treatment should take, how much it will cost and what happens next;

  • Getting your aligners – when Invisalign return your aligners to us, we give them to you at your next appointment. We also let you know when to change from one aligner to the next, how to care for your aligners and when your next check-up should be;

  • Using your aligners – we will give you detailed instructions about using Invisalign in Richmond but, essentially, all you need to remember is to wear them for more than 22 hours of every day, to keep your aligners clean and to swap each one for the next in the series roughly every 7-10 days;

  • Check-ups – you will visit us at Sheen Dental at six week intervals. At your check-ups we will ensure that you are happy and that your treatment is progressing as planned. We may offer adjustment advice from time to time. This is a good time to ask any questions if you need to;

  • Finishing your course – when you have used your last aligner, your teeth should now be in their desired positions. All that remains is for you to use a discreet retainer for around 12 months. This step prevents the teeth from returning to their original positions and is common to all teeth straightening treatments.


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