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Your family will only need one dentist

If you are a parent then your children will be the most precious people in your life, all you will ever want is to ensure that they are cared for in every possible way, so they grow into strong and healthy young adults. As parents, we all go to great lengths to make sure our children are well in every way possible, we make certain that they are eating a well-balanced diet, we also ensure that they have a doctor that they can go and see when they are unwell. And many of us will also make sure they are registered with a dental practice where they can get specialist help with their teeth and gums.

We all know of the struggle that parents often have when teaching children about the need to brush their teeth twice a day in order to keep them clean, normally after breakfast before going to school and at night just before going to bed. In many cases, our children will soon accept that they need to clean their teeth. This is not the only tool that needs to be used to help our children to look after their teeth as it is also vital for them to also engage with their dentist Richmond.

At Sheen Dental we are always happy and willing to take care of the oral health and hygiene needs of entire families, including the younger members. Your children will be made to feel welcomed and comfortable, with each member of our team who is involved in their dental care taking the time to help your children to fully understand the importance of having good oral health and hygiene standards.

Children may be nervous

There needs to be an awareness that your children may feel nervous when visiting the dentist Richmond, especially during their first visit, as the environment of the dental practice will be new to them and may appear strange in their minds. This is perfectly natural and should not necessarily be a hindrance that stops your child from engaging with our team of dental professionals.

If your child is nervous when you bring them along to our practice the best thing to do is to make our reception staff aware, so we can try to arrange for one of our team members to sit with you and your child to see if we can talk about why they are nervous. Many times we have found that by sitting and talking to a child our trained professional can calm them down enough to engage with the dental chair and the dentist who wants to help them look after their teeth and gums.

One question that we find many parents struggle with is at what age do they introduce their children to a dental practice? Our advice would be to trust your own judgement, as their parents you are the people who know your children the best and you will know when they are ready to make their first visit to our dental practice.

Here to help

As a dentist Richmond we want you to be aware that we are here to help you to introduce your child to the need to look after their teeth and the dental practice. If you require any advice about your child's first visit to our practice please feel free to ask.


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