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You could reap great rewards from the services offered by our hygienist

We all understand the importance of ensuring that we maintain the best standards of oral health and hygiene that we possibly can, if we wish to ensure that our teeth can be useful to us for our entire lifetime. This is why we choose to brush our teeth twice a day as recommended to us by dental professionals. However, the fact is that just brushing our teeth every day may not be the most comprehensive way to ensure that our teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible. There will always be times when it may be advantageous for patients to seek professional help and advice from those who work within a dental practice.

When you think about visiting a dental practice the chances are that you think of seeing a dentist for an oral health check-up or to receive some required treatment. However, there are other types of professionals who work within the dental practice environment who offer their own set of skills that may be more suited to your needs. For instance, if you are looking to have your teeth cleaned then you may not need to see our dentist, as there is normally someone working within our dental practice whose skill set may be more suited to this task, those of our hygienist Richmond.

At Sheen Dental we want every patient who visits our practice to be able to access the services they are seeking, as well as have an understanding of the roles of the different professionals who work within our clinical environment.

Here to help you

Our oral hygienist Richmond is here to help you resolve some common issues that you may have that do not need the interventions that are provided by a dentist.

If we take the cleaning of your teeth, isn’t it better to receive this type of service from someone who has spent a large number of hours training in this as a specialised area in dentistry? This allows them to have a great deal of understanding of the ways that your teeth can be cleaned in order to allow them to look at their absolute best.

There may also be times when you feel that your breath is not at its most delightful, again you may wish to seek help to resolve this issue. Visiting our hygienist at the dental practice who is highly trained in the treatment of bad breath issues will allow you to seek out specialist help and advice that will help you to gain the fresh-smelling breath that you are seeking.

For smokers who may wish to give up the habit, being able to access smoking cessation services and support may be of benefit. Having professional support from our hygienist that you can access may be the key to you successfully giving up the smoking habits that may have been in your life for a long time.

Finding out more

If you have never come into contact with the services that are offered by a hygienist Richmond and wish to find out more about what is offered by these professionals then you should contact our practice to find all the details you may be looking for.


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