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Wondering what a hygienist Richmond does?

Did you know that there is a difference between a dentist and a hygienist Richmond? One of these professionals performs a range of different treatments that are either preventive, restorative or cosmetic to improve your oral health. The other uses a series of tools to professionally clean your teeth, provide methods to reduce the presence of gingivitis or periodontal disease in your mouth and educate you on how to best care for your teeth between appointments.

A hygienist Richmond is an important professional to have for the wellbeing of your mouth and you should ensure that you make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned professionally biannually. Usually, you can book an appointment after you have seen your dentist, who checked the integrity of your teeth.

When you make an appointment and come in for your examination, your hygienist Richmond will take a look at your smile to see the amount of plaque removal you will need before identifying the key risk factors that are unique to you.

If you have not come in to have your teeth professionally cleaned for some time, expect the first appointment to be more intense than subsequent ones. It may be that it takes a couple of appointments to remove stubborn buildup, but once you have committed to this as part of your oral health routine, then you will find that appointments become easier and more straightforward.

After meeting and discussing changes with one of our friendly and thorough team members, you will have your teeth cleaned with a series of special equipment and pastes. This is otherwise known as a scale and polish.

We will remove as many stains as we can, as well as any food debris, plaque and calculus that has built up and stuck on to your teeth. In general, this is not something you can remove on your own by brushing teeth and you need the professional tools that we have on hand to help you get rid of this unsightly and damaging stuff.

What is so bad about plaque?

Plaque is the leading cause of cavities, decay, gum disease and eventual tooth loss, so it is one of the most significant factors that dentists must combat if they are looking to ensure their patient’s teeth remain strong and healthy for life.

It carries bacteria and damages your enamel. Over time if plaque is not removed, it hardens to tartar or calculus. This becomes difficult to remove and will form both above and below the gum line, constantly eating away at your enamel and shortening the lifespan that your teeth have.

If you want to enjoy your teeth for as long as possible, then make a few simple commitments to ensuring that you are doing everything you can now to enjoy your smile for as long as possible. Your teeth are the only ones that you have and when they are gone, the impacts are devastating for your body and your self esteem.

It is never too late to begin caring for your smile, so check in with one of our team to make an appointment so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile now and in the future as well.


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