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Why your dentist wants you to keep those dental appointments

Keeping dental appointments should be seen as a patient playing their part in their own oral health. A Dentist in Richmond can only screen for a dental condition like oral cancer if the patient is in the dental chair. It has long been understood that many conditions that threaten the longevity and quality of a patient's life can be treated, and prevented from progressing to more advanced stages, if detected early by a Dentist in Richmond.

A most common argument points to periodontal disease, which starts off as gingivitis and then develops into periodontitis and then advanced periodontitis. It is at this latter stage that teeth begin to fall out. Why go through all the expense of costly treatments when a simple check-up and professional clean by a Dentist in Richmond will keep dental problems at bay?

Reasons to keep dental appointments

1. Avoid tooth decay

Patients believe that their oral hygiene routine at home is enough to prevent tooth decay, but this is not so. This is only the first step. One has to understand that bad bacteria can build-up in the hard to reach areas of the mouth, and a professional deep clean treatment is needed to eliminate this cavity-creating plaque and tartar accumulation.

2. Brighten the colour of stained teeth

The use of over-the-counter teeth whitening products is not so effective in getting rid of discoloration brought about by habits such as smoking and the consumption of foods and beverages that stain teeth. A visit to a dental clinic to receive professional whitening remains the most effective method to whiten teeth and brighten smiles.

3. Get rid of bad breath

Sometimes an experienced and knowledgeable pair of eyes is able to quickly discern the causes of bad breath. A dental practitioner is best placed to recommend appropriate ways to tackle what is for many patients a most common problem.

4. Get screened for dental diseases

Oral cancers and gum disease are two main types of dental diseases that benefit from early detection, and preventive care. These are also the two types of dental disease that can significantly affect a patient’s overall health in a number of ways.

5. Dental problems do not go away

No, they get worse if left untreated. Not only is it that patients have to endure excruciating pain, minor dental issues almost always escalate into major problems. It is not always the case that patients are required to visit the dentist every six months. For some patients this can be once a year depending on the individual patient. An hour or so a year is not a tall order to ensure optimal dental health.

At Sheen Dental clinic we are aware that our patients lead busy lives, and that skipping out on a visit to our clinic may not seem a big deal. However, in the interests of their dental health, and their physical and mental health, patients should reschedule their appointments if they cannot make it. Give us a call now.


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