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Why Not Take The Plunge and Replace Those Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

If you’ve got a decaying tooth that is beyond saving then you’re going to need to replace it or risk being left with a gap in your smile and the possibility of further dental problems down the line. There are several options for a missing tooth including a bridge or partial denture but by far the best option is a dental implant. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we have an experienced and highly qualified team who have been placing dental implants successfully for years.

Dental Implants Richmond

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that dentistry saw it’s first glimpse of modern-day implants. A researcher from Sweden accidentally stumbled on the remarkable compatibility of bone and titanium, which is the material used today for most implants. It was an amazing discovery as all of a sudden dentists could actually rebuild a complete tooth, whereas up to that point they could only remove teeth.

For the next 20 years dental implants were so expensive that not many people had it done. Very few people had the skills to carry out the procedure and many dentists regarded implants as being experimental.  However, following years of experimenting with fusing titanium and bone together dental implant dentistry was formally introduced in the 1980’s.

Today, when considering the price of dental implants in Richmond, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, as a long term investment they are considerably cheaper than other forms of tooth replacement such as dentures or fixed bridges and offer considerably more benefits to the patient.

Our state-of-the-art dental technology allows us to use CT scans to see inside your mouth and jaw with precise detail. This means we can find a method of fixing even the most challenging of dental problems, whereas back in the 1980’s such cases would have been impossible. People might have been told in the past that they didn’t have enough bone to support an implant but with modern technology there really are solutions for everyone. No one needs to suffer with old fashioned dentures or a smile that causes them embarrassment.

A dental implant is the only type of tooth replacement that replaces the entire natural tooth structure including the root and crown. The titanium implant is placed into the jawbone just where your missing tooth was and over a period of 6 weeks to 3 months will fuse with the surrounding bone in a process known as osseointegration to act as a stable support for the prosthetic tooth. Cared for properly, the implant can last for the rest of a patient’s life. If you’re missing several teeth then we can create an arch of prosthetic teeth which are supported by as little as just 4 implants.

The surgical process is relatively quick for cases that aren’t complex and takes less than an hour. We guarantee you’ll feel no pain whatsoever, and if you prefer, you can even have conscious sedation so that you remember nothing about it. If you’re facing an extraction and looking for options to replace your tooth, then why not book a free initial consultation with Sheen Dental to discuss implants and other alternatives. Or to find out more about the treatments we offer, you can visit our website at


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