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Why choose our hygienist in Richmond?

Choosing the right hygienist in Richmond can be a tricky decision for many individuals, however at Sheen Dental within Richmond we ensure all of our patients’ oral health needs are taken care of! With our hygienist in Richmond our dental healthcare professionals are deemed as specialists within the prevention of common oral diseases and infections, such as periodontal disease, and gingivitis to name just a few common examples, which is why our patients are saying such good things about our surgery.

At Sheen Dental, we act as a clinic you can trust

Many patients may feel overwhelmed when attempting to navigate the modern world of dentistry, however with our hygienist within Richmond we strive to place our patients’ needs at the top of our priority list! Located on our website we display a multitude of positive patient testimonials which we believe are a credit to the high standard of dentistry we provide at our clinic!

So why is it so important to stay on top of your oral health?

The development of periodontal disease and gingivitis can often be left untreated, however the symptoms are unpleasant and typically consist of tooth loss, bad breath, staining of the teeth, in addition to lasting and therefore long-term damage to both the gums, and the teeth.

The role of a hygienist at our clinic within Richmond

Many patients may choose to overlook their scheduled dental hygiene appointment, however these short sessions could be argued as vital when preventing the onset of oral diseases and infections, in addition to spotting the symptoms for more serious dental concerns.

Key dental advice at our Sheen Dental clinic

The treatment of periodontal disease, and the information regarding the effects smoking can have on the mouth as a whole, could be argued as the main role our hygienists play. During the treatment for gum disease, our dental healthcare professionals will measure the gaps between the teeth themselves, thoroughly deep cleaning, whilst ensuring our patients are pain free under a local anaesthetic.

Preparing for a visit to our surgery

Within the dental hygiene appointment our dental specialists will thoroughly remove the build up of calculus from the surface of the teeth to ensure a healthy smile is revealed! In addition, our dental healthcare professionals will also perform a scale and polish treatment, this involves the combination of special brushes and pastes in order to remove staining from the surface of the teeth.

So what are the benefits of attending your dental hygiene appointment?

With regards to the benefits of staying on top of your dental health, patients can expect an overall healthier, cleaner smile, whilst minimising their risk of tooth loss, in addition to maintaining fresh minty breath, and reducing the decay of the teeth within the mouth!

Should children see a dental hygienist at your clinic?

Yes! At Sheen Dental, we suggest children start to take care of the health of their smile from a young age, we recommend customised dental hygiene advice regarding the brushing of the teeth for children, whilst ensuring the young patient is at ease the entire time!


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