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Which dentist in Richmond is right for you?

Do you know how many dentists there are in SW14? No, neither do we for sure, but a search on for dentists within 2 miles of Richmond yielded about 50 dental practices. If you are new to the area, or fancy a change, how on earth are you going to find the dentist in Richmond best suited to your needs?

Well, obviously you can’t go to every one and meet the staff, so here are a few tips and also why we at Sheen Dental like to think we offer great service, great value for money and a great environment for receiving dental care.

Obviously the place to start is with a web search. Look for:

Dentist in Richmond


All dentists have to study for a good few years before they qualify, but what have they been up to since? You can read the biography of our dentists on our website. Dr Harmit Kalsi is our clinical director. He’s been practising since 1984 and has been inserting dental implants since 1991. That’s a lot of history.

Alongside Dr Kalsi is a team of three other dentists, three dental hygienists, two dental nurses, two receptionists and a practice manager. Between them, the dentists have experience in all areas of dentistry, including restorations, treating children and anxious patients, cosmetic dentistry, aligning the teeth and jaws, and sedation.

Taking care of nervous patients

If the practice is good at taking care of nervous patients, this should not just be about sedation. It’s about how we talk to you, how we listen, and not just the dentists but all the staff. It’s also about how the practice environment feels. At Sheen Dental, we have made a visit to this dentist in Richmond particularly welcoming. Our practice may be more than 100 years old but it is modern and comfortable too.

Up-to-date technology, if we think it’s good

When you come to us as your dentist in Richmond, you will find us using a CT scanner and digital x-rays. You won’t find a CEREC machine to make onsite veneers or crowns, we have decided this is an avenue not to go down.


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