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When it is time to visit your dentist

You probably understand that there is a need to prioritise taking care of your oral health. You should always make sure that you keep your teeth and gums clean by brushing twice a day and flossing as recommended by dental professionals. We are all aware that if we do not take care of our teeth and gums, then we can suddenly find ourselves in a position where we have allowed our oral hygiene standards to deteriorate to such an extent that we are having serious dental issues that may need some invasive dental treatment to resolve.

The trouble you may have is being able to monitor your oral health and hygiene standards so that you know that they are at levels that you are totally happy with. This is something that you may feel you need some professional help and guidance with. Making sure you regularly visit our dentist Richmond is highly important and can make all the difference to your oral health.

At Sheen Dental we have been helping our patients to achieve the oral health and hygiene standards that they have been seeking for many years. We believe that every patient should have the chance to own strong and healthy teeth and gums. If you are serious about your oral health standards then you will clearly understand the importance of attending a dental practice in order to undergo your oral check-ups and to receive any treatment that may be of benefit to you.

The first appointment

For many of us, the first time we attend an appointment at a dentist Richmond it is to undergo an initial oral health check-up. A dental professional needs to fully examine our teeth as this will give them the information they will need in order to start providing any treatment and advice that may benefit us. If you are asking how often you should undergo your oral health checks then we would normally recommend that you seek to attend a dental practice every six months. This should allow your teeth and gums to be fully monitored and will mean any treatment that you may require can be given in a way that makes it most beneficial.

We also encourage you to make your voice heard and start a conversation about any concerns you may have about your oral health. This also includes asking questions about any treatment that is being recommended to you by our team of professionals. We want you to feel comfortable with and fully informed about any treatment that is being prescribed to you. As when you have full confidence in our team and any treatment they are recommending to you then we believe you will gain the greatest benefits of being registered with our dental practice.

Being registered

There are many benefits of being registered with our dentist Richmond, some of which you may not have considered in the past. If you ever find that you have a sudden and severe toothache that is persistent enough to keep you awake at night then you may want to know you can access help and any treatment you may need in a quick and easy way, being registered with our dental practice will allow this.


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