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What to expect during a dental check-up in Richmond

Taking good care of your oral health is the best way to prevent problems in the future. However, even if you never fail to brush and floss your teeth for two minutes twice a day, you will still need to have regular dental check-ups to be absolutely certain of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The reason for this is because you need your Richmond dentist to examine your teeth and mouth for early signs of decay, gum disease, oral cancer or other dental problems, none of which you can spot because it takes a while before they start causing pain.

Dentist in Richmond

At Sheen Dental, we can professionally clean away the plaque and tartar that build up in hard-to-reach areas. At Sheen Dental, we offer all our patients a comprehensive oral health assessment and encourage them to discuss their health history and any concerns before proceeding to treatment. Here is what to expect from your Richmond dentist during your oral health assessment.

When you come to us for a check-up, you will be seen by Dr Harmit Kalsi, Dr Thomas Crawford-Clarke, Dr Meera Shah, or Dr Pooja Patel. We also have Dr Fotis Stavaros, who focuses his time on helping patients with braces.

Your Richmond dentist will thoroughly check your teeth for signs of decay, using a metal probe and a small mirror with an angled handle. Your dentist will also check how your upper and lower teeth bite together correctly, and will check for signs of tooth grinding. We will also feel your neck and look at the soft tissues in your mouth, checking for signs of oral cancer, especially if you are age 35 or older. Early detection of oral cancer is vital. Patients at high risk, such as smokers, are advised to have regular screenings every month.

We may need to take x-rays or tooth impressions as part of your check-up. And we will also take a good look at your gums and the surrounding jawbone, for signs of gum disease. Throughout your check-up, you will hear us talking to our nurse in a strange code of numbers and letters, which is how we make a detailed record of what’s going on in your mouth.


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