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What to Do If You’ve Just Had a Dental Implant Placed and It Won’t Stop Bleeding

For most people bleeding after a routine tooth extraction or dental implant in Richmond isn’t an issue but having said that, it can and does occur. When bleeding won’t stop it can be quite alarming and can look like a heck of a lot of blood is coming out of your mouth. In fact it only takes just a few drops of blood mixed in with saliva to make it look as if a blood vessel has burst!

Here at Sheen Dental, Richmond, we would typically recommend biting down on a piece of dampened gauze supplied by us with a firm steady pressure for half an hour to one hour and this should solve the problem. You’ll probably need to repeat this for several hours for the first 5-6 hours until the bleeding eventually ceases altogether. The key thing here is to retain a firm, steady pressure. Don’t keep taking the gauze in and out to check whether it has stopped bleeding or not. Just leave the gauze in place in your mouth and the blood should form a clot on its own provided you don’t have metabolic or bleeding disorders. So what if you’ve done all the above and it’s still bleeding?

Well believe it or not something as simple as a tea bag can solve the problem and will help clot the blood quite quickly. All you need do is grab an ordinary teabag such as PG Tips or Tetley. It must contain caffeine, so decaffeinated is no good, and it’s probably best to avoid Green Tea. Just wet the teabag and bite down on as the same as you would with a piece of gauze leaving it in place for 30 minutes without removing it.

So how does a tea bag work?

Well, tea contains an ingredient known as tannic acid and this helps to clot the blood. You may notice that your gums turn black but this is only a temporary thing and soon disappears.

Other ways you can help prevent bleeding after a dental implant is to avoid hot drinks and food for the first 24 hours following surgery. Hot foods and drinks will cause bleeding. Applying an ice pack to the area will reduce swelling and bleeding and at Sheen Dental we recommend that you stick to lukewarm drinks and food during this time.

If you’re concerned about any symptoms following your dental implant surgery, then don’t sit there worrying, just give us a call right away. Meanwhile if you’d like to find out more about whether dental implants in Richmond are suitable for you, then why not call us on 020 8876 5277 to book a free no-obligation consultation or alternatively visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk where you’ll find plenty of information on all the dental treatments that we offer.








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