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What Should You Expect Before Implant Surgery?

So you’ve decided to opt for dental implants In Richmond? Congratulations because you’ll be given the finest form of teeth replacement that modern dentistry allows, and one that should last for a great many years However, prior to experiencing the implantation process itself, there are certain procedures that your implant dentist will undertake. With this in mind, what should you expect before implant surgery?

Initial examinations

Dental Implants Richmond

First examinations are important because these will ascertain as to whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants or not. Although the majority of people are eligible for implant surgery, there are a few limitations. Because of this your dentist will give you a thorough oral examination and also delve into your medical history and your lifestyle. The reason for this is that implants aren’t recommended for people who

  • Are heavy smokers

  • Have previously had radiation therapy to the head and neck

  • Suffer from autoimmune diseases and take medicines for these conditions, or…Experience uncontrollable diabetes

X-rays and scans

Your implant dentist is also likely to take a series of X-rays and possibly a CT scan so that they can check to see that there is sufficient bone. If for instance you require implants to replace teeth that have fallen out recently, then bone loss might not be so much of a problem. Conversely, if you’ve had missing teeth for any length of time or are a long-term denture wearer who wants to switch to dental implants, then there’s a good chance that bone loss might be an issue. This being the case there might not be sufficient bone in which to secure the implant into.

About bone loss

If it’s found that bone loss has occurred and there isn’t sufficient bone then you might be able to have the area built up in a process known as bone augmentation or bone grafting. It’s a relatively straight forward process, but bear in mind that you will need recovery time (somewhere between 3-6 months) and this will delay the fitting of a dental implant. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we regularly carry out bone grafting procedures with great success.

Gum disease, decay and infection

If it is found that you suffer from gum disease or have an infection, then like a bone graft this will need to be dealt with firstly before any implants are fitted. So again this is going to delay the process.

If you want to find out more about what you can expect from dental implants and how they can improve your life, then call us and speak to our experienced and friendly staff. Alternatively visit our website at where you can also find a plethora of information to help you.


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