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What Is The Best Form Of Tooth Loss Replacement Due To Facial Injury?

For anyone who has lost a tooth due to a facial injury then it stands to reason that they’re going to want a long term replacement that is reliable and durable. Many people faced with this circumstance are turning to dental implants. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we have been carrying out dental implant procedures for a great many years, and it’s a procedure which is rapidly growing more popular. When compared to other methods of replacing a damaged or missing tooth such as a dental bridge or partial denture, a dental implant is far more durable since like a natural tooth it has a complete structure which consists of an artificial root and prosthetic tooth or crown.

Dental Implants Richmond

Dental implants are made from titanium and are surgically implanted into the jaw. During the months following surgery, the implant becomes a permanent fixture in the mouth as the bone grows around the implant forming a bond with it, in a process called osseointegration. Basically the implant takes on the same function as a tooth root, which not only serves to support the crown but also stabilises the jaw.

When a tooth root is missing the jaw slowly starts to wear away which is why dentures and bridges often fail. As resorption occurs, the jaw changes shape and the original prosthetic loses what was a good fit. Over time, the bridge or denture may need replacing.

Dental implants also offer a better chewing motion than dentures because of their link with the jaw. Implants can tolerate the same pressure or chewing force as natural teeth. For this reason people with dental implants may find their diet improves since they can eat anything they want, including foods which are hard to crunch on and to chew.

There are several choices for replacing damaged or missing teeth and it makes sense to talk to your dentist about your options so that you can weigh up the pros and cons before reaching a decision. If you’re considering a dental implant in Richmond, then here at Sheen Dental we offer a free no obligation consultation. This gives you the opportunity to find out more about dental implants and to ask any relevant questions. It also gives you the chance to meet Dr. Harmit Kalsi and his experienced team and to check out our facilities. Although most people are suitable candidates for dental implants, there are certain instances where a dental implant may not be possible. We can give you a thorough oral examination and determine whether you are in fact suitable. Why not give us a call to book your dental implant consultation or alternatively visit our website at


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