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What is dental hygiene and why is it important?

Dental hygiene focuses on keeping the mouth area clean for health purposes and includes the importance of keeping the teeth and gums healthy. This is a significant factor as it helps prevent periodontal disease. Dental hygiene is a crucial and essential part of an individual's life. At the dentist Richmond, we have qualified hygienists to help with oral hygiene issues. At Sheen Dental we specialise in dental issues such as gingivitis and the prevention of developing periodontal disease. If periodontal disease is developed it can cause many underlying health issues such as bad breath, tooth loss and tooth staining. Periodontal disease is a major problem and can have significant long term issues. However, in many cases, periodontal disease is a painless dental issue and therefore it can go unnoticed. In this time, a lot of damage can be done to the surrounding and affected teeth. If you are interested in getting into contact with our hygienist, feel free to book an appointment with the dentist Richmond.​

What will a hygienist do?

Hygienists have a role in discussing issues such as smoking cessation and providing advice on the prevention of periodontal disease. Our hygienist at the dentist Richmond will also advise on how to treat periodontal disease if it has developed. Our hygienist at Sheen Dental will examine the gaps between the gums and teeth to assess if treatment is required. This treatment is done to avoid further deterioration and the development of a dental disease. Our hygienist will ensure that they use anaesthetic on a patient before any given procedure to ensure a patient endures as painless process as possible. This is done for a comfortable experience.

What do our hygiene treatments include?

Our Hygiene treatments at

Dental include a rigorous and thorough method. This can include the elimination of any residinging plaque on the teeth. By removing plaque it allows an individual to have a healthier and cleaner mouth. Additionally, hygiene treatments can include removing discolouration and staining of teeth by polishing and providing pholyatic, antimicrobial materials.

In the initial hygiene process treatment, a patient's teeth and gums will be examined and analysed. This will help the hygienist consider how much treatment is required and how much plaque will need to be treated. After this has been determined a patient's teeth will be professionally cleaned by our dental team which is done with specific equipment and pastes. This step can also be referred to as scaling and polishing.

The hygienist’s at Sheen Dental have a responsibility to show our patients the routine of dental hygiene care. They will discuss how to look after the teeth so that there is future prevention of plaque. Our patients will also be advised on tips such as the most effective tooth brushing technique. They will also be given helpful tips on flossing and using different equipment such as interdental brushes to improve dental hygiene.

What are the benefits of dental hygiene treatments?

Our dental hygiene treatments can ensure many advantages to a patient's oral health. This can include the less likely chance of tooth loss. It also reduces risks of diseases and tooth decay which means there is a minimised risk of an invasive dental procedure needed. Dental hygiene treatments also provide an individual with fresh and minty breath.


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