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What does a hygienist do for your oral health?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

A simple yet highly effective way to keep one’s natural teeth for life is to keep them healthy. This means that the services of a dental Hygienist in Richmond play a critical role in achieving this goal. Any patient who has had to endure complicated repairs to dental problems, often accompanied by discomfort or costly missing teeth replacement treatments, will tell you that much of this can be avoided with routine visits to the Hygienist in Richmond. This role centres on initiating a professional oral hygiene programme that offers a number of dental health benefits to patients.

How can a Hygienist in Richmond help you?

The hygienist can perform some of the treatments and services usually carried out by the dentist. Here’s a look at some of the main functions of a hygienist.

● Provide personalised advice to prevent gum disease

Like some of the medical conditions that go undetected, gum disease can slowly creep up and escalate into a serious problem before a patient realises it. Telltale signs may be so slight that a patient may not be aware of them. Redness in the gums, bleeding, or some sensitivity can be easily waived away as insignificant and nothing to worry about.

A hygienist is best placed to identify warning signs and advise the patient accordingly.

● The focus is on preventive care

Visiting the hygienist regularly works to limit visits to the dentist for avoidable procedures such as fillings and root canals. These procedures are often necessary to correct dental neglect that result in tooth decay. A quick and simple deep clean procedure is much preferred over invasive ongoing corrective treatments.

● The ability to conduct oral cancer screenings

A hygienist has the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out dental exams to detect the early warning signs of oral cancers. Like periodontal disease, oral cancer needs to be detected in its early stages in order to treat successfully. Some patients are more at risk of developing the disease than others, particularly those who smoke.

● Address bad breath issues

On many occasions a deep clean is enough to get rid of bad breath. The condition is mainly caused by the presence of germs and bacteria build-up in the mouth. Even with the patient's most dedicated attempts to keep the teeth clean, there are those places at the back of the mouth that require the attention of a professional.

● Keep smiles bright

Depending on the types of foods and beverages one consumes, a patient may need more regular teeth whitening procedures than others. Beverages such as red wine and coffee have a reputation for staining teeth. Smoking, too, has been linked to yellowing teeth. To remove these stains and to lighten the colour of teeth, a hygienist may use especially formulated products and tools not available for use at home.

Get all your oral health needs covered at Sheen Dental clinic. Our dental professionals are dedicated to promoting dental health with a compassionate approach and in a welcoming environment. Call us today to set up a dental appointment.


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