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What are tooth extraction treatments?

Tooth extractions may be required when physical discomfort is caused by a tooth such as wisdom tooth removal. In a variety of cases, there may not be enough space in an individual's mouth for a developing wisdom tooth. If the wisdom tooth starts to push through the gum at a specific angle it can cause physical discomfort and pain in the targeted area. Our hygienist in Richmondand other dentists are here to help and advise our patients with what the next step should be once experiencing this. ​

The dentist will most likely take an x-ray of the patient to be able to see the structure of the wisdom tooth and whether or not the tooth is developing correctly. Once the dentist examines this, they will then come to a conclusion on whether an extraction is a necessary or required step. One benefit of tooth extractions is that the procedure can proceed under sedation. Therefore, a patient will not be aware of the treatment happening. If you are suffering from physical discomfort within the mouth, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with hygienist Richmond.

What is the process of a tooth extraction?

At the first stage of the procedure an x-ray may be required to get a precise image of the problem area within the teeth. Severity can range from person to person, in spite of this a local anesthetic is provided alongside sedation to minimize anxiety. Our hygienist Richmond and dentists are provided with the appropriate equipment and sterile surroundings to be able to proceed with a tooth extraction. Our dentists ensure they undertake this procedure with precision and care. In many cases the recovery time of a tooth extraction can be quick. When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction, there are several after effects that follow. This can range from swelling or discomfort which can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. In other cases that involve periodontitis and other gum infections, antibiotics are provided in advance to prevent further deterioration.

Signs to look out for that may require you to receive wisdom tooth removal

There are many side effects when an individual develops an impacted tooth. One of the main signs where an individual should consider wisdom tooth removal is if the individual has a bad taste in their mouth. This may be caused by the sensitive gums that surround the wisdom tooth being hard to clean without enduring physical discomfort. If this is left uncleaned, food and bacteria can begin to build up in the area causing bad breath.

Stiffness and discomfort in jaw

When a wisdom tooth erupts through the gum, they tend to come through in an improper positioning. This can largely affect the way in which an individual eats and bites due to the different position of the mouth. This may cause extreme muscle stiffness and ongoing pain in the jaw. If you are experiencing great difficulty with both opening and closing your mouth without discomfort in the jaw area. This is a sign that you should seek medical help from a dentist or hygienist in Richmond. If wisdom tooth pain is not checked this can significantly have a huge effect on an individual's oral health and has potential to cause TMJ problems.


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