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What are some things that stain teeth?

An individual's teeth are a very significant feature that appears directly in the vision of others. The teeth can become stained due to various reasons. One of the main underlying issues that cause this are foods/drinks that individuals consume; this can cause discolouration. Another reason why teeth become stained is due to personal lifestyle choices which can include smoking or drinking red wine. Smoking has detrimental effects on periodontal health. It can severely stain the teeth and diminish the natural brightness and whiteness of the teeth. At Sheen Dental we provide a suitable treatment as a remedy for tooth discolouration. This is known as the teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is popularly known as one of the most achieving and easy methods of brightening an individual's teeth. The degree and depth of brightening of the teeth will be different for each candidate and vary from patient to patient. There are different types of bleaching processes used which will cater for different individuals. If you are interested in the teeth whitening process, do not hesitate to contact our dentist Richmond.

What is the process of the teeth whitening treatment?

At first hand, an individual will be put under analysis for the type of staining they have. After this assessment is undertaken a custom tray will be designed to fit onto the teeth directly and precisely. In this custom tray, a bleaching agent will be provided which will automatically press onto the teeth’s surface. This will ultimately activate the brightening process leaving an individual with a white, bright smile.

What are some benefits of the teeth whitening process?

There are several benefits when undergoing the teeth whitening procedure many of which boost self-confidence.

Healthier mouth

When undergoing any dental procedure it is important to consider the overall effects on an individual's oral health. Having poor dental health can cause many health issues as well as personal. These health issues can vary and include: heart conditions, cancer and organ failure. There are also many other physical health problems that can contribute to poor oral health. Our dental professionals at our dentist Richmond will ensure they eliminate stains appropriately which will strengthen the teeth overall.

Fast treatment time

Teeth whitening is a fast procedure in comparison to other dental treatments. Occasionally, dental processes do require a set amount of prolonged time which may consume time both pre and post procedure. However, it is apparent that teeth whitening does not require a long duration of treatment time, therefore it is not a slow process. This can come as a benefit to many individuals as fast results are achieved. Our dental professionals can achieve brightness within approximately an hour in several cases. There are many over-the-counter whitening and brightening products within the market which in many cases claim to do the same job. However, our dental professionals at Sheen Dental at the dentist Richmond will deliver speedy results that are unmatched.

Safe treatment

In many cases, over-the-counter whitening treatments claim to be safe. However, in many cases, these treatments can sometimes cause long term severe damage to both the gums and the enamel of the teeth. That is why seeking a reliable dental professional is significant. At Sheen Dental our dental professionals have high expertise in this area of dentistry. Therefore, they will conduct the teeth whitening treatment in a safe and comfortable manner.


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