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What Age Limitations Are There For Fitting Dental Implants?

With the advancements in dental technology dental implants have become the nearest thing to natural looking teeth replacement that modern techniques can achieve and for this reason they are fast becoming more and more popular. However when it comes to undergoing treatment for dental implants in Richmond or anywhere else in the country, there may well be some underlying factors which can prevent people from having them. These can include, heavy smoking or drinking, uncontrollable diabetes, and certain cancers, but is age also a factor? Let’s find out!

Dental Implants Richmond

Health Vs Age?

In one word…No! More often than not a patient’s health is a much bigger factor than how old a they are and as a result, here at Sheen Dental, we’ve fitted dental implants in Richmond for patients from 18-80 years of age. In fact implants can benefit older people in several ways. Firstly it makes them appear physically younger which is a great confidence boost and secondly it allows them to eat a wider and healthier range of foods; whereas before, wearing dentures or missing teeth, meant that they may have had to avoid certain foods which the body needs.  Even in patients who have been wearing dentures for many years and have suffered a loss of bone, then it shouldn’t be a barrier because most clinics will also carry out a bone augmentation process to ensure the best possible outcome for their implants.

So why is a person’s health and lifestyle so important when it comes to implants?

Those people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, particularly those who smoke and drink heavily or those who have poor standards of oral hygiene or grind their teeth, may well experience problems when implants are fitted. For instance, alcohol and nicotine are said to slow down the body’s ability to heal and as bone fusion is a vital part of the implantation process, then an implant may well prove difficult. However when it comes to dental implants in Richmond, then here at Sheen Dental we look at every case individually before we make an informed decision. For those who suffer poor oral hygiene or suffer with bruxism (teeth grinding) then these problems will have to be dealt with first of all. Even then this is something that we can help with. So all is not lost.

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