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What about dental implants in Children?

When a child is young tooth loss is seen as a magical process involving a visit from the ever popular tooth fairy. However when children become adolescents it’s fair to say that they don’t expect to be losing their adult teeth quite so soon, but sometimes in the event of a trauma or a sporting accident that’s exactly what happens. So does this mean that they’re eligible for dental implants in Richmond?

Temporary fixes

Dental Implants Richmond

One of the problems facing younger people is that while in puberty (and just like the rest of the body) the jaw is still growing and developing. This means that should dental implants be placed at this stage, then they could stop other surrounding teeth from fully growing and attaining their natural positions. For this reason it’s not advisable for implants to be fixed to those adolescents who are still going through this stage in their lives. That said, adolescents do develop at different rates and as such it may be possible for some boys around 17 and some girls around 15 to undergo dental implant treatment. However as a rough guide twenty years old is the norm.

Clearly going through puberty is difficult for a teenager but adds to this a missing tooth or teeth and it can lead to problems such as social isolation and low self-esteem. So what’s the alternative?

The good news is that there are a multitude of temporary cosmetic treatments such as bridges, dentures and dental bonding treatments that can solve the problems in the short term. That is until that person is old enough to be physically fitted for implants. For this reason it pays to seek advice . Here at Sheen Dental as well as being experienced dental implant dentists, we also offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to give you back your smile. We can also offer more specific advice on which treatments would be preferable as a temporary fix and what we can do moving forwards.

If your child has been involved in a sporting accident or trauma and as a result has suffered broken, chipped, or missing teeth, then talk to us or pay us a visit. Our experienced team under the leadership of Dr Harmit Kalsi has been fitting dental implants in Richmond, London for many years and as a result have dealt with people of all ages. We understand the real problems that missing teeth can cause and have the skills and the expertise to correct the problem. Why not visit our website at  or alternatively book a free, no obligation consultation.


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