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We’ve been here since almost forever

If you have just moved to the Richmond/Sheen area and are looking for an awesome dentist in SW14, then you will probably hear our name mentioned by lots of people. Sheen Dental has been on the Upper Richmond Road West for more than 100 years. We are woven into the fabric of the area.

Of course, just being a very well-established dentist in SW14 is only part of the story. Dental practices change hands, so it is also the experience of the dental staff that is important.

Dentist in SW14

An experienced director

Take our clinical director, Dr Harmit Kalsi. In the 30 years that he has been practising as a dentist, he has treated more than 15,000 people. He’s not just a dentist in SW14, since 2004 he has also been an examiner with the Royal College of Surgeons England. He is one of only a handful of dentists to have a diploma in implantology from them. He has been placing dental implants for more than 20 years, way before they really took off in the UK. If you want dental implants, you won’t find many dentists more experienced than Dr Kalsi, who has placed more than 1,000 implants.

Our braces dentist

The 21st century has seen amazing advances in the branch of dentistry concerned with straightening teeth. So many dentists offer braces these days that it’s easy to forget that to do a really good job of moving teeth requires deep knowledge and experience. Our braces dentist, Dr Fotis Stavaras, combines his postgraduate knowledge and extensive experience with use of all the latest devices to create beautiful smiles that harmonise with the faces they are in.

For children and nervous patients

Creating a good experience is as important as the success of a treatment, and at Sheen Dental, we have Dr Thomas Crawford-Clarke’s knowledge of patient psychology to help make positive dental experiences for children and nervous patients. He’s a great dentist and also very interested in restorative dentistry.

Dr Pooja Patel, our other associate dentist, is also wonderful with anxious patients.

Along with our dentists, we have a great team of experienced nurses, hygienists and reception staff. Why not come in and meet us?


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