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Ways to replace missing teeth with your dentist in Richmond

If you are seeking a dentist in Richmond for one or more missing teeth, there are many options available for you. From permanent implants to temporary solutions, a dentist in Richmond would recommend arranging a consultation to discuss the options suitable for you. Missing teeth can be disheartening, embarrassing, and costly but speaking with a dentist in Richmond could be the resolution you have been searching for.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a method that artificially replaces the root of a natural tooth by inserting a screw-like device into the jawbone. Once fitted and healed, a replacement bridge, denture or crown can then be inserted on top to mimic a real tooth.

Implant-supported dentures

This method, also known as all-on-four supported dentures requires up to six implants which can then support an upper denture. Two implants are inserted at the front of the arch where two front teeth would normally be occupied and the remaining plants are usually placed at a 45-degree angle that is tilted to face the back of the mouth. From there, an overdenture will be clipped onto the implants using a special attachment.

Implant-supported fixed bridges

This technique does not require an implant for each individual tooth and instead, uses an implant-supported bridge which is fixed to support several missing teeth. It is also used to replace a complete arch of teeth. Similar to a tooth-supported fixed bridge, this particular implant can be either screwed or fixed into place; the screw method allowing easier cleaning and repair when necessary.

Tooth-supported fixed bridges

This is the most common alternative to an implant, especially when there is only one tooth missing. It consists of two crowns which are usually fitted either side of the gap, allowing for abutment crowns to be attached. These pontics can be made from precious metal alloys, gold, or porcelain and are permanently cemented into place for a strong, reliable hold.

Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are designed to replace one or several missing teeth in the same row which may not be adjacent to each other. Made from an acrylic base and sometimes strengthened with a cobalt chrome metal framework, metal clasps are then slotted over existing teeth to firmly hold the dentures in place.

Removable complete dentures

Removable complete dentures fitted on top of the gums are one of the cheaper options in dentistry today. This non-invasive method is a good alternative to a dental implant and is made up of an acrylic gum-coloured base which can support denture teeth.

Resin-bonded bridges

Also known as a Maryland bridge or a Rochette bridge, they are used to replace missing teeth at the front of the mouth by attaching two wings to the abutment teeth on the surface, close to the tongue. They are then attached to the artificial tooth or pontic, forming a stronghold.


This is a temporary option also known as a temporary partial denture. It can restore one or more missing teeth by filling in the gaps with a removable mouthpiece. This is a cheap, lightweight method that requires few trips to the dentist but is not a permanent solution.


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