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Using Short Dental Implants To Avoid Nerve Damage

You may have heard horror stories of patients being left with nerve damage following surgery for dental implants. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we make full use of CT Scans to accurately pinpoint the position of nerves in the jaw prior to undertaking any type of dental surgery, but in some cases short dental implants commonly known as mini dental implants can also be utilised to avoid damaging any nerves.

Short, smaller dental implants have been around for several years and we mainly use them in the lower back molar area to avoid damaging nerves within the bone. Ideally standard implants which are 10-13mm long are the best option to replace teeth, provided there is sufficient bone in which to place them. Alternatively, where possible we would recommend a bone graft to rebuild the bone to a sufficient depth to hold a standard implant in place. However, if for whatever reason this isn’t possible, then we would go ahead and use mini implants which are between 5-8mm in length.

Changing the position of the nerve is another alternative and this is a bit like moving a tree so you can erect a garage to the side of your house. For patients that have their nerves close to the surface of the bone, and for whom we have decided not to reposition the nerve, then a mini dental implant is still a good solution.

We use CT Scans and computer software to build up an accurate 3D model of your jaw and this enables us to see clearly the position of the nerves and even to practice virtual surgery so that once you are ‘under the knife’ surgery is quicker and placement of the implants is precise, because there simply is no room for error in these circumstances. Short implants can and do work in the right situation and can eliminate the need for bone grafting. They require more skill to place during surgery than their longer counterparts and the teeth often need to be made in a different way. Because the implants are short then it’s best for the teeth to be connected to give them additional strength as opposed to using individual teeth.

Our dental team led by Dr. Harmit Kalsi are highly skilled  and carry out a wide range of dental implant procedures on a daily basis, They also use the very latest in dental technology to ensure that  patients undergoing dental implants of any kind are given the very best treatments to give them the best possible chance of dental implant success. If you’d like to find out more about having a dental implant in Richmond then we offer a free no-obligation consultation where you can come and meet the team, have your questions answered and take a tour of the premises. Call us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk








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