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Uncover the true potential of your smile through a quality dentist in Richmond

Wake up smiling

One of the main shifts in perception that the digital age has brought about, that we’ve noticed here at Sheen Dental, is the amount of people actively seeking out dental treatments. Whilst in the past, a trip to the dentist was seen as something to be avoided at all possible costs by a great deal of us, today it is something which is actively encouraged and supported by people of all ages. At Sheen Dental, we feel that the reason such vast numbers of people are now seeking out a dentist in Richmond is not due to bad oral hygiene, but for patients to benefit from dental treatments. Thanks to the rise in the use of social media platforms across all ages, and the increase in the habit of documenting and photographing our daily lives, we feel that it has caused an increasing amount of us to wake up to the appearance of our smiles, and actively take steps to improve its overall aesthetic as a result.

Polishing up on things

One of the most vastly popular procedures is cosmetic tooth whitening. Across all age demographics, its popularity continues to grow. Teeth whitening is a process which has been designed to eradicate discoloration or superficial stains on the enamel of a patient's teeth, and leave them with a renewed, whiter smile. Despite having a high standard of day-to-day oral care, over time, and as the patients get older, the natural enamel on our teeth often becomes dulled or yellowed. This can often have a largely detrimental effect on social wellbeing or confidence, and can spur us to take action by seeking out tooth whitening. Certain other lifestyle choices may also result in a patient's enamel becoming stained or discolored, such as smoking, drinking black tea, coffee, red wine, eating highly acidic foods and taking certain medications. Cosmetic teeth whitening from within our practice at Sheen Dental can clean off superficial staining on a patient's teeth in as little as an hour, through the application of a peroxide-bleaching agent applied directly to the front of the patient's teeth within a custom moulded retainer.

Filling in the gaps

Another vastly popular form of cosmetic treatment which we provide here at Sheen Dentalis the installation of white fillings. These are used in instances where a patient's tooth has become decayed and requires cleaning and filling with a dental material. White fillings are very similar in their functionality to conventional, metal coloured fillings. However, they are constructed from a material which is specifically colour matched with the surrounding teeth within the patient's mouth so that they become practically invisible once installed. It is for this reason that white fillings have become so popular over conventional, metallic coloured teeth.


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