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Turn to a reputable dentist in Richmond for quality results

A smile you can trust

When patients turn to our dentist in Richmond here at Sheen Dental they know they are in safe hands. For over 25 years now we’ve been providing the highest possible standards of bespoke restorative, cosmetic and preventive dental care to local Richmond residents and beyond, all from within a relaxing and comfortable environment in which our patients feel they are heard and respected at all points in their treatment journey.

Over our years of service, we’ve always made use of the most contemporary methodologies and technology possible in order to ensure that we are offering our patient's nothing but the absolute best.

What can a dentist in Richmond help with?

If you’ve recently noticed something about your smile which you are unhappy with - be it in terms of the straightness of your teeth, colour, condition or anything else - then by contacting our approachable and friendly dentist in Richmond today we can get you on track to a healthy and elegant looking smile in no time at all.

Often when patients approach our practitioners and tell them they are concerned with how their smile looks they are unaware of which treatment we offer could help them reach their dental goals. Anyone who feels this way needn’t worry as we provide something called a Smile Makeover, which is when our dentist assesses your smile before creating a completely unique treatment plan which will solve the identified issues.

As no two smile makeovers are ever the same, the first step in getting the care your smile needs is to undergo a consultation. This way we can determine which treatments are best fitted to your needs, as well as explain to you what options are available and how they can help.

What can you do for crooked teeth?

Living with unevenly shaped or crooked teeth is one of the most common dental problems faced by patients across the county. However, while having crooked teeth is nothing out of the ordinary, what is less common is the number of people who are aware of the various options open to them which can let them realign their smile discreetly.

While most of our patients are aware of what traditional fused metallic braces look like, fewer people are aware of the alternatives which we offer - such as the Invisalign aligner system or Incognito braces. These are known as cosmetic orthodontics and have become massively popular in recent years due to their unique ability to let patients realign crooked smiles without affecting their appearance.

Invisalign retainers are an entirely non-invasive orthodontic treatment that solely employs the use of custom-made transparent dental retainers which fit snugly over the patient's teeth. They use pressure points that are constructed into its structure that guide crooked teeth into position over time. Incognito braces are another cosmetic alternative orthodontic treatment that we offer which are also known as lingual braces.

These braces are fixed to patients’ teeth in a similar fashion to traditional braces - with the defining difference being that Incognito brace brackets are fixed to the interior of a patient’s teeth - making them completely obscured from vison from the front.


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