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Too many choices in London

London is a busy and crowded place. There are so many people, which results in so many options. On one street alone, there are a handful of restaurants to choose from, ranging from traditional pub meals to unique cuisines from far-away lands. The same street can offer several shopping boutiques, a few cafes, and a couple corner shops. The choices can become exciting and overwhelming all at once, especially when choosing a dentist. In Richmond, our team at Sheen Dental is proud to have provided the community and our patients with fresh smiles for over 100 years.

How we treat our new patients

We have long served the local community as a dentist in Richmond, resulting in treating generations of local families. But we are always thrilled to receive new patients from around the Richmond community. At a new patient appointment, we will go through a comprehensive oral examination with you that will include a detailed review of your oral history, screening for oral cancers, checking your teeth, soft tissues, and gums, checking your bite, assessing any TMJ problems, and some intra-oral photos. This will be able to help us provide you with the most effective and efficient care.

After we have a thorough understanding of any issues we need to prevent or resolve, then we can create a personalised treatment plan for you. Our treatments range from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to facial aesthetics. We want you to enjoy your smile again, stop avoiding foods you once loved, and maintain your oral health, whether that be by preventive dentistry, using dental implants, veneers, or orthodontics. If you have a rough idea of what treatments you would like, we can discuss that at our new patient appointment with you.

Our patients come first

We are passionate about our patients, our community, and our clinic. We strive to provide our patients with an exceptional experience at the dentist in Richmond. We deeply care for our patients, old and new, that visit us, but we also understand that some patients cannot come into the dentist in Richmond. We are able to arrange home visits to those patients. We want each patient to feel valued, comfortable, and informed during their treatment process.


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