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Tips on Recovering After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are growing in popularity as an alternative to ugly gaps in the mouth where teeth are missing, or in many cases to take the place of uncomfortable dentures. Here at Sheen Dental we see a vast number of people who are seeking dental implants in Richmond and we offer a complimentary consultation where they can meet the dental team, check out the facilities, and ask questions and receive assurances to any concerns they may have.

As a leading dental clinic in Richmond we can boast of our state of the art technology and highly experienced dental professionals, but we also stress that we play but a small part in the process. Good oral hygiene both before and after the dental implant procedure is paramount to the success or failure of any dental implant. The following tips will help you to recover after dental implant surgery and give your implants the best possible chance of success:

Food and drinks

It is always best just to stick to cold water and avoid eating hard foods which require chewing until after the anaesthetic has worn off. Rough food and hot drinks can be tough on what will be a sore area and may cause bleeding. In addition you should avoid swilling drinks around the affected area, probing it with your tongue or fingers and avoid any strenuous activity. Try and sit with your head in an upright position for long intervals over the next couple of days.

Do not smoke

Smoking can limit the healing of the implant wound and increase the level of discomfort. It can also increase the risk of infection and have a negative effect on the flow of blood to the area. Smoking should be ceased during the healing period and then try and cut your intake to at least half of what it was before to increase your implant success rate.


Whether you have a dental implant in Richmond or elsewhere in the UK, you should expect a certain amount of inflammation following surgery. The swelling can be reduced by using ice packs wrapped in a cloth and held over the affected area for around 10 minutes at a time with intervals of 20 minutes. If you’re in pain then regular painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen will ease that.

Cleaning your mouth

Keeping your mouth clean is essential for good healing. Clean your mouth stringently after each meal, beginning the day after surgery. If there is no bleeding use an anti-microbial mouth wash as advised by your dentist. Brush and floss the other areas of your mouth as usual but avoid brushing over the implant area.

Antibiotics may be prescribed to help prevent infection and it is important to take them as prescribed and finish the course.

Regular dental visits

Finally, make sure you keep all of your dental check-ups as these are necessary to ensure that healing is progressing well, the implants are firmly in place, and that there are no problems to be concerned with.

If you’re considering dental implants in Richmond, then why not visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk  or call for a free consultation on 020 8876 5277. We can discuss your dental implant options and answer any questions you may have.








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