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Tips for helping your child to visit the dentist in SW14

Starting dental visits from an early age is important for the health and development of your child’s teeth. At Sheen Dental, we want to be of service to the oral health of your whole family. We offer routine care for children as well as longer treatments like teeth straightening, once they are the right age.

Dentist in SW14

It may seem like a visit to the dentist must be difficult with children but it doesn’t have to be like that! When you visit the dentist in SW14, at Sheen Dental, we do whatever we can to put you and your child at ease.

Here are some thing that you can do to help the process:

  • Start early – we recommend that you start visiting the dentist with your child as soon as they begin to get their teeth through. Spotting dental issues early can be really helpful when it comes to fixing them. Also, this allows your child to become familiar with the dentist and the various sensory experiences involved before they can associate any negative thought patterns with a visit;

  • Make oral hygiene fun – you can do things to prevent brushing at home becoming a chore. If it is something that is a fight every day, your child is less likely to do it as they get older. You can get toothbrushes that have lights and make sounds for young children. Older children might appreciate a reward chart for good oral hygiene or a novelty timer. The more positive associations that your child has with toothcare, the easier your trips to the dentist will be;

  • Use positive language – if you have difficult associations with the dentist and use language accordingly, your child will pick up on it. You can ensure a positive build up to the dentist by getting excited about the trip and, perhaps, planning something fun for afterwards. During the visit, you can continue to encourage and praise your child for brave behaviour and being able to sit still in the dentist’s chair.

If you have any particular issues that you wish to discuss regarding your child’s oral care, your dentist in SW14, at Sheen Dental will be happy to do so.


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