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Three common causes of bad breath

Nobody likes to think that they have bad breath. It can create social stigma and is often related to an underlying cause such as poor oral hygiene or a health issue. If you suffer from bad breath and you are unsure of the cause, the dentist in Richmond at Sheen Dental can help. You do not need to be embarrassed as it is our job to help with issues like this. We can often tell what the problem is relatively quickly and offer you advice or treatment to combat it. It’s not worth living with the problem so come in and see us as on as possible.

Dentist in Richmond

These are some of the common causes of bad breath:

  • Gum disease – this is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Persistent bad breath is a symptom of gum disease. If you think this might be the cause, it is important to see your dentist in Richmond as soon as possible so that they can offer you care advice and take any possible action to limit the damage to your teeth and gums. Once the gum disease has cleared up, bad breath should go away with it;

  • Habits – a poor diet can lead to bad breath, as can excessive drinking and smoking. As with most parts of your body, the mouth and teeth benefit from a healthy diet and limited interaction with toxic substances. Your dentist in Richmond is a good source of advice on the kind of habits that can support your oral health and, therefore, reduce your chances of having bad breath. Of course, even with good habits, what you eat can affect the way that your breath smells. To combat this, simply get used to carrying around a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. There is such a thing as too much brushing though so reserve your efforts for times when you really need to freshen up;

  • Infections and other oral conditions – there are a number of health conditions where one of the symptoms is bad breath. If you see no correlating pattern between your bad breath and any habits or food choices, you might have an underlying cause that your dentist in Richmond may be able to advise you on.


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