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The role of white filings from our dentist

White fillings are a relatively new development in dental care. They used to be porcelain in-lays, which were popular in exclusive clinics and gave many advantages. But as each of these micro-prosthetics were handcrafted, it was always going to be an expensive procedure only suitable for a minority.

Our dentist Richmond at Sheen Dental has opened up the opportunity for great quality white restoration that fits any budget constraint, and can be performed in a single session without discomfort.

UV cured resin vs metal amalgam

Many people may remember being fascinated by metal fillings the first time they saw them as a child. You may have wondered how metal could be placed in the tooth and assumed, due to childhood naivety, that any liquid metal would be incredibly hot and shuddered at the thought of a dental furnace and crucible.

But the majority of people soon learned that metal amalgam fillings are created by mixing ingredients in the clinic, with the material entering a putty stage, when it begins to set. During this putty stage, the fillings need to be applied to a fully cleaned cavity, where they will continue to set. Amalgam fillings have a long history of clinical use; they are considered safe after expensive longitudinal studies, and they are the NHS standard-approved treatment for cavities.

UV-cured resins are a relatively new development in dentistry and were originally used as adhesives to hold veneers in place. The first step involves mixing the composite. It involves several different preparations but by mixing them, we can match the natural enamel shade of the patient's teeth.

Once mixed, the resin is applied in a thin layer. It is less viscous than metal amalgam and easily enters fine cracks and crevices. It is then exposed to UV light for about 30 seconds. This catalyses the curing of the resin and it goes from a thin liquid to a hard yet yielding tough material. Some fillings are partially deep and require multiple applications of resin and setting to fill the void. It is common for our team to overfill and then use the dental drill to carve and polish the finished filling, blending the filling into the surrounding enamel. Our white fillings are indistinguishable from natural enamel in almost all situations.

Upgrading metal fillings

Although there is no clinical need to remove stable metal fillings, many patients choose to have their original amalgam fillings upgraded to white composites. This is something that we're happy to facilitate at our dentist Richmond.

Booking free consultation

We are accepting new patients at the surgery and providing free consultations for all patients or those looking into cosmetic treatment options. If you're looking for a local dentist Richmond please feel free to get in contact.

If you have any further questions on the role or use of white composite fillings, please speak to our reception staff and we will be happy to answer any of your queries. You can do so via the form on our website or by phoning the clinic directly.

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