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The importance of visiting our hygienist regularly

It is important to visit our dentist and hygienist on a regular basis to ensure good dental health and overall wellbeing. Our hygienist Richmond has many roles in ensuring that you have clean, strong teeth, healthy gums and good oral health in general. To begin with, our hygienist Richmond will find out if you have any particular problems or concerns and we would like to help address these issues before we move on.

Oral cancer and gum disease

We will begin by carrying out an oral cancer screening. This involves checking your tongue, your cheek and the soft tissues in your mouth to look for any abnormalities. Oral cancer affects more than 8000 people in the UK every year, therefore it is important that you undergo mouth cancer screening regularly so that any issues can be identified early on and treated quickly and successfully. After this we will carefully assess your gum health and look for any signs of gum disease. Gum disease is very common in the adult population and if left undetected it can progress very quickly and have an irreversible effect on your teeth. If we identify any signs of gum disease then we can assess which stage it is at and put together a treatment plan accordingly.

Professional cleaning

After that we spend time on removing any excess plaque and tartar from your teeth. It is important to maintain a good dental hygiene routine at home. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day. As obvious as this may sound, you would be surprised as to how many adults in the UK admit that they do not brush their teeth twice a day! It is important to floss after meals to remove any lingering food particles and bacteria from in between your teeth. A significant part of our teeth is hidden from sight, where they join to each other and cannot be cleaned with the toothbrush, but can be cleaned when we floss between the teeth. It is also important to use a good fluoride mouthwash to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth further, preventing cavities when used correctly as well as periodontal disease.

If we have any concerns we will be able to recommend changes to your dental hygiene routine as necessary. We will then carry out a professional clean of your mouth. Professional cleaning is carried out using a combination of techniques. This includes scaling and polishing, to deep clean the teeth.

Visiting the hygienist regularly

If you have good oral hygiene and no signs of gum disease then we will recommend that you visit our hygienist Richmond once a year to maintain healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful clean smile. If you have suffered from gum disease in the past that is now resolved and your mouth is well maintained then we would encourage you to visit our hygienist every 6 months. If you have active gum disease then we would like to see you every 3 months. Our recommendation is based on your individual dental needs, you can always visit us sooner if you would like your teeth to be cleaned or whitened.

Each hygienist appointment is slightly different depending on your dental requirements at the time, but we like to take approximately 40 minutes to assess your oral health thoroughly, remove plaque and tartar, any surface stains and promote a healthy, beautiful smile, fresh breath and lots of self-confidence. Speak to us at Sheen Dental today and book an appointment with our hygienist very soon.


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