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The hygienist in Richmond: vital for your teeth

We are all feeling the pinch. Austerity measures that have been going on for years mean that most of us are poorer than we used to be. Plus, Brexit uncertainty is also making many of us want to draw in our horns and find ways to save money.

Thoughts naturally turn to savings in areas that appear not to give instant satisfaction. Do you really need that check-up with the dentist, followed by a deep clean with the hygienist in Richmond here at Sheen Dental? Yes you do.

Why you need these twice-yearly visits

At Sheen Dental, we like to see our patients twice a year to keep an eye on the health of their teeth. It may seem like a waste of money when you are told that everything is well, but it’s a good result that means you won’t need any treatment right now. We then send you to see the hygienist in Richmond to get your teeth cleaned.

If you are a diligent twice-daily brusher. If you actually do brush your teeth for the whole 2 minutes every time. If you really do floss once a day to remove trapped food. You may think you don’t need that extra deep clean every six months from the hygienist in Richmond. That’ll save a few quid it, right?

Yes, in the short-term it will, but skipping sessions with hygienist is setting yourself up for trouble later on.

You see, even though you should win Olympic gold for your toothbrushing routine, you won’t be able to remove every last bit of plaque. There is going to be somewhere in your mouth where you can’t get that toothbrush to well enough to remove all the plaque.

The plaque hardens into tartar and you won’t be able to remove it without specialist equipment. That’s what the hygienist in Richmond is for. Use them. Skip your session with the hygienist and for the next 6 months that tartar will be oozing corrosive acids onto your tooth enamel and around your gums. You may not have gum disease or tooth decay now, but there’s so much more chance of it in the future if you don’t use the hygienist.

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