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The difference between a dentist and a hygienist

The basics

When visiting your dentist, the main aim of the appointment is to assess the health of the teeth and discuss any dental issues that you may have. However, the rest of the mouth, including the gums, is not necessarily examined in full. This is where the hygienist Richmond comes in because, when you come to see us at Sheen Dental, we always ensure to give you the full care that you need. Whilst a dentist focuses on the dental aspects of your mouth, the hygiene team focuses on a variety of other perspectives of overall oral health. This includes, but is not limited to, the removal of plaque, reducing the impact of gum disease and providing the patient with better tips on how to improve or maintain their overall health.

Often during or after a dental appointment, the dentist may mention booking in a visit to the hygienist Richmond; this is a great opportunity to stay on top of your oral health rather than leave it and forget to book the appointment. What are the benefits?

Visiting the hygienist Richmond has so many lifelong benefits which not only assist with eliminating daily nightmares such as bad breath but also help reduce more serious ailments. Having a hygiene appointment, whilst it may sound like a general clean, can provide more in-depth examinations of the overall health of the mouth and detect early signs of illnesses such as cancer. These can then be screened and dealt with early on without any delays.

Surely your daily teeth clean is enough?

As children, we were taught how to take care of our teeth. However, although our parents or guardians are amazing, with no formal dental training and with children who lose interest fast, who is to say that your teeth are getting the clean they need? The expertise of our hygiene team will allow you to shape your daily oral hygiene process and tackle any tweaks which may need to be added to your hygiene process. This could include adding in floss or interdental brushes since a toothbrush can only reach so far. These extra pieces of equipment can make a huge difference.

Reducing the possibility of tooth loss

Whilst tooth loss through accidental damage cannot be avoided, tooth loss due to your daily cleaning process is entirely possible. With work and social activities being packed into our busy days, the regular daily cleans can become half-hearted or be so reduced in time that the toothbrush barely reaches the majority of the teeth. It is important to remember that your oral health is primarily looked after by yourself; therefore, your commitment to daily cleans are of the utmost importance to avoid dental issues further down the line.

If you have not visited your dental practice for a while or have been too busy to arrange a hygiene appointment, do not fret and call us up when you have a minute to get your dental checks back in place. A couple of appointments once or twice a year are best fitted in, to avoid future dental problems.

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