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The Dangers of Seeking Dental Implants Abroad

“Dental tourism” is a phrase that’s being banded about a lot of late and it means travelling abroad for complex dental surgery. Many people choose to travel to Eastern Europe, Asia and South America in order to have dental implants. In Richmond, London for example, an average cost of dental implant will somewhere around £1000 – £2000 per tooth depending upon the situation. However by getting it done abroad, it can be achieved for a fraction of this cost. However before you rush out and book a seat on the next available flight, it may definitely be a case of ‘buyers beware’. At best patients who travel abroad for surgery could end up receiving shoddy work and at worst they could be putting their health at risk.

You get what you pay for

Implants are expensive for a number of reasons. Firstly it takes years of training to become a UK implant surgeon and not only that, the services of a dental technician, experienced nurses and clinicians may also be involved in the process. Therefore you’re paying for all that skill and knowledge. In addition to this, the implant itself is made from expensive metals such as titanium and other semi-precious metals, as well as porcelain in the prosthetic crown. These materials have been tried and tested over a number of years to provide the best chances of implant success. So as you can imagine this doesn’t come cheap. Finally it’s also a complex and timely process which may take many visits to the clinic over a number of months. If you choose to go abroad there is no guarantee that there won’t be cheaper materials used in the fitting of the implants, by those who have less experience.

High standards

Here in the UK all dentists have to uphold certain standards as laid down by the governing body. Therefore everything that they do has to follow strict guidelines and procedures. If you choose to travel abroad, then there is no way of telling what type of guidelines they have to adhere to and indeed the effectiveness of these guidelines. Shoddy procedures and low standards may result in a health risk to you.


If you experience complications with a dental implant in Richmond, for example, then it’s fairly easy to get back to the dentist in question and resolve the problem. However if you’ve travelled thousands of miles to have the surgery and then complications develop a few weeks or months down the line, then it isn’t that simple to go back and fix them. In addition to this, there may well be no easy routes for recourse should anything go drastically wrong. Whilst it’s true that malpractice insurance isn’t compulsory for dentists in the UK, you may stand more chance of getting a result should you be in the position that you have to make a claim.

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