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The contagious smile

Isn’t it wonderful when smiles grace our screens? Smiles inspire happiness. One smile can lead to another like a wonderful wave of positivity spreading from one person’s social media feed to the next. However, have you ever noticed how many people don’t smile in their photos? What is it with those awful pouts that crop up on our mobile screens? Could there be anything worse? A pouting selfie tends to make someone look affected or spoilt, even downright grumpy at times! Here’s a theory, perhaps that serial pouter simply has ugly teeth.

Dentist in Richmond

If you’re unable to give the world your biggest grin because you are not happy with your teeth. It’s time to take action. Lose the pout and set your smile free to join all the other beaming toothy grins in this world. At Sheen Dental, your dentist in Richmond, we can fix your smile. Yes, you better believe it. Not sure how that could be possible? Give us a call to book in for a consultation. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at our range of treatments. With our many years of experience we have the know-how to transform your smile into one you will want to show off as often as possible. Armed with your new smile you will feel more confident, more attractive. Smiling is one of the most important forms of nonverbal communication after all.

Is it that your teeth are not white enough? We can fix that. Is it that your teeth are not straight enough? We can fix that too. You have a gummy smile? You guessed it, we can fix it. For teeth that are are too small, too big, too gappy, or just too downright funky. With a little tender loving care from our dentist in Richmond and some perseverance, we can fix pretty much any problem you have with your smile.

Whether you are in need of invisible braces, veneers, implants, teeth whitening or gum trimming, we have the team of people you need to achieve satisfying results here at Sheen Dental, your dentist in Richmond. Drop us a line today to book in.


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