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Stealth straightening

Are you dreaming of lovely straight teeth and think that the process would be a total nightmare of difficulty eating and spending hours picking food out of your braces, plus endless stares and nosey questions from total strangers? Well, have we got great news for you! Teeth straightening can be the stuff of dreams again, with Invisalign in Richmond.

If you have never heard of Invisalign in Richmond, then you don’t need to worry that we are trying to lure you into having some fly-by-night treatment that doesn’t deliver half of what it promises. Around the world, this method of straightening has been used by more than four million people since it first hit the dental market back in 2000. In Richmond, Invisalign has produced many, many happy customers. Want to know what makes it so popular among our patients at Sheen Dental? Here are the two main reasons.

Invisalign in Richmond


These mouth guard-style clear plastic aligners are only 0.3mm thick. Once you snap them on over your teeth, they pretty much disappear from view. The casual observer will see nothing covering your teeth. This means you, as an adult, can go about your daily business, doing your job as a busy professional, without having to fend off unwanted questions, or, if you have the job of working with kids, worry about losing your grown-up air of authority.


Unlike bracket and wire braces, which are cemented onto the front of your teeth, Invisalign in Richmond is removable. You take out the aligners for eating and drinking anything but plain water. Indeed, you must remove them so that the transparent plastic does not discolour.

After you have eaten, you need to brush your teeth before snapping your Invisalign aligners back in. You need to wear your aligners for 20—22 hours a day to stay on schedule with your treatment. It’s tempting to take them out for all sorts of special occasions, but it is worth bearing in mind that Zara Phillips’ husband got married to her with his in and it doesn’t come more special occasion-wise than marrying a Royal.

To find out if Invisalign in Richmond would be right for you, why not come in for a consultation?


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