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Smile impact is your best accessory

In a style conscious world, it’s important to get your accessories perfect. A well-tailored suit, great shirt and silk tie or nail varnish that matches your lipstick, sharp fitted dress and perfect black handbag. You’ve got the style to hit the West End and make a great impression. However, just as you are about to leave you look in the mirror, you see yellow stained teeth, with the chip you never corrected and the mercury fillings that stand out like a sore thumb. With that smile, no matter how stylish your wardrobe, you’re never going to pull of your look.

Dentist in SW14

Time to find a dentist in SW14

Dentistry can offer you a great deal in terms of fixing cosmetic issues with smiles. At Sheen Dental, we have ensured we have the latest technology at our hands and a range of treatments we can offer to give you a complete smile makeover.

Yellow to white in just an hour

With Zoom! teeth whitening system, we can wipe away stains from red wine to smoking. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and gums, a light is positioned over your mouth area. It activates the gel, dissolving stubborn stains from your teeth. Some stains can’t be wiped away, so what can you dentist in SW14 do for these issues?

Veneers giving your teeth a total facelift

Veneers are great if you have chips, cracks or deep stains on your teeth. We gently remove a thin layer of enamel from the front of your tooth, placing a fine sheath of porcelain over the tooth, bonding it in place for a long-lasting finish. We will colour match your veneer to match your natural teeth, so nobody can tell the difference.

And finally…

Those mercury eyesores can be changed to white filings, making them not only healthier for you but almost invisible when you’re smiling.

We have a range of treatments we can offer you that can alter your smile and enhance that first impression. If you want to find out more give us Sheen Dental, your dentist in SW14, a ring and let us make that perfect outfit match from feet to dazzling smile.


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