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Services your dentist in Richmond can provide

Using cosmetic work to fix up your teeth has arguably become a lot more acceptable over the years as more and more of us nip in for a quick implant or realignment to make our teeth look their best. Thanks to improvements in the technology used there are a number of different procedures you can ask your dentist in Richmond about.

Here’s a brief outline of what some of these treatments are.


If you suffer from too many cavity filled, cracked or missing teeth you could try implants. These are essentially prosthetic teeth that are inserted into your jawbone with a sterile titanium screw that will bond with the bone over time. There’s generally two types of treatment you could encounter during consultation about implants, the endosteal and the subperiosteal.

The first is the most common and is the endosteal where the titanium screw is placed directly into the jawbone. In the subperiosteal treatment a frame is actually placed under the gumline but above the jawbone. This is normally used when there’s not enough healthy bone to graft the implant to.


Crooked teeth can be quite a nightmare if you’re not careful. It’s much easier for plaque to build up between the gaps where your teeth meet and having these misaligned molars in your mouth can make some people quite self-conscious. But using Invisalign your dentist in Richmond can straighten out those pesky crooked teeth to give you that straightened up smile you deserve.

The treatment process involves the fitting of a customised brace that’s made from a transparent material. Then over time a series of aligners you will need to wear will apply a gentle amount of pressure on your teeth to push them to their projected final alignment in a discreet manner. This is a very popular procedure but only one of a number of ways we can realign your teeth.


Having stained teeth is something that’s fairly common. It’s mainly caused by your diet and things like smoking and drinking coffee or wine. But it’s also easily remedied as with our whitening kits we can have your smile back to shining bright in no time at all. Or if you don’t have the time you can use a whitening kit provided by us to try it at home yourself when it best suits you.


Another common cosmetic choice for patients are veneers. These are basically small caps, normally porcelain that are placed over your teeth to cover any imperfections like cracks, chips or gaps. When you come in for veneers at Sheen Dental our talented team will ensure that your porcelain cover will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your teeth leaving you with a natural looking smile.

The fitting process is pretty quick and relatively painless, although you may feel some discomfort when our dental team remove a small piece of enamel first to create a space for the cap to be stuck.

So, as you can see there are a lot of different ways for us to help you improve your smile, from cracks, chips, crooked or stained teeth, there are lots of opportunities at our disposal to keep your pearly whites looking great for longer. If anything here piques your interest then get in touch with one of our team members on your next visit.


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