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Screw Retained vs Cement Retained Dental Implants – Which Are Best?

If you’re considering undergoing treatment for dental implants in Richmond, then you may have already visited the clinic for a consultation. This being the case, they may have given you an option of screw or cement retained implants. If so which one should you opt for?


In both cases the implants act as a root substitute. To one, you can fit an abutment and eventually the porcelain crown which is cemented into place. Alternatively with the other, the crown and abutment are incorporated as one; complete with an access channel located on the top of the crown. From here the crown can be screwed directly down onto the titanium implant and finally the screw hole is filled in.

So which is best?

Screw-retained implants

The main advantage that screw retained implants have over their cemented rivals is that they are generally easily retrievable, provided that they’re placed in an optimal position for screw-hole access. Large full-arch implant restorations also work better with screw-retained implants because should they need retrieving, it’s going to be far less traumatic for the patient. From an aesthetic point of view, although the screw-hole is covered up, a bad job can show imperfections.

Cement retained implants

These are particularly ideal for those difficult-to-reach areas where a screw-retained implant may be difficult to access. They are also a more permanent solution in that should they have to be removed for any reason then it could prove difficult. In some people the cement can also cause soft tissue irritation. Finally there’s also a danger that if any excess cement is left behind after fitting then it can bring about bone loss and even implant failure.

It seems that both cement and screw-retained implants have their uses and more often than not individual cases will dictate which ones are used. For instance where the angle of the implant is not in line with the long-axis of a replacement tooth, then a cement-retained implant is usually the best option. However if the implant is located in an accessible area such as the front of the mouth, then the screw-retained type just might be the better option.

If you’re considering dental implants as a viable option for your tooth replacement and want to find out more about which implant is better for you, then why not book a free consultation with Sheen Dental. For many years we’ve been successfully fitting dental implants in Richmond and as such know that it’s important to look at each case on an individual basis before delivering a tailored treatment plan. Contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at to find out more.


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